The Garden of Heavenly and Earthly Delights by Tanel Veenre

Exhibition  /  13 Oct 2018  -  14 Nov 2018
Published: 02.10.2018
Tanel Veenre. Neckpiece: The Garden XII, 2018. Reconstructed coral, wood, silver.. 30 x 20 x 4cm. Tanel Veenre
Neckpiece: The Garden XII, 2018
Reconstructed coral, wood, silver.
30 x 20 x 4cm
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In this jewellery collection, Tanel Veenre (Estonia) focuses on the concept of the ‘primal scream’, through expressing his feeling that human beings cannot exist without that scream. The work does not look rough or primitive, but one should not be misled by the beauty of the forms, inspired by the smooth aesthetics of automotive design. According to Veenre, religion and carnality are linked; depth can’t exist without carnality. Thus, the image of the cross serves as a central motif in the collection.