Georg Dobler as Modern Classic. Artist Retrospective at Schmuck 2024

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2024  /  28 Feb 2024  -  03 Mar 2024
Published: 29.01.2024
Georg Dobler as Modern Classic. Artist Retrospective at Schmuck 2024.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Barbara Schmidt, Eva Sarnowski

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Every year the special exhibition honours a Modern Classicist with a retrospective. In 2024 this will be the German Artist Georg Dobler. The Pforzheim-trained master goldsmith and internationally renowned jewellery artist Prof. em. Georg Dobler trained numerous students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim.

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Georg Dobler
For his often award-winning jewellery work, Georg Dobler has been working with geometric shapes for half a century, but also draws on naturalistic elements. Dobler's jewellery pieces are characterised by the use of natural casts of exotic plants and beetles. Since the turn of the millennium, he has often combined these elements with large, faceted coloured stones, such as lemon citrines in shimmering yellow-orange tones and amethysts that glow from delicate purple to deep violet. These precious stones complement the metal forms of his works in a magnificent and opulent way. Dobler plays with the crystal structures of the stones with virtuosity, utilising their reflections and refractions to create illusions. This creates a fascinating interaction between metal and faceted stones, with the faceting repeating the patterns of the metal elements in his jewellery.
Georg Dobler's works are a seductive mixture of naturalism and artificiality. They also derive their appeal from their subtle irony, which sometimes alludes to the work of the famous Art Nouveau artist René Lalique.

Georg Dobler's works of art are characterized by illusions that are intensified through their multilayered nature. In Natures Memory, he transforms decaying plant elements into metallic forms. These forms not only intricately depict biological structures in casts but also highlight their inorganic nature through crystals and cell-like lattice structures.

These structures are particularly prominent in the series Geometry and Illusion. Here, Dobler demonstrates how our perception of the world is shaped by illusions – an inevitable self-deception we employ to understand our environment. This theme is evident in Dobler's complex jewellery pieces, ranging from abstracted plant forms to mathematically calculated optical effects.

The role of optics in perceiving illusions is explored in the works Facets of Crystals. Dobler utilizes the optical properties of crystals, both in their natural and processed forms, to create nuanced artworks. By combining various elements, he connects different thematic areas, thus showcasing the evolution of his artistic work.

Nowadays, illusions often have a negative connotation. Today's societal actions are frequently evaluated under a realistic and rational perspective. In contrast, Georg Dobler's work offers a wide-ranging and multifaceted view of the world, not viewing illusions negatively. He approaches it not only with sober objectivity but also with poetry, emotion, and magic, making his work an extraordinary gift.

/ Philipp Valenta