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Published: 02.02.2024


Georg Dobler is a contemporary jeweler based in Berlin and Halle, Germany. Born in 1952 in Creussen, Germany, Dobler got his Master of goldsmith in 1980. Since 2002, Dobler has been a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany. He is winner of various prizes, including 1991 Herbert Hofmann-Preis, 2000 Herbert Hofmann-Preis. He has had his work displayed internationally in solo exhibitions in the Museum Huelsmann, the Schmuck Museum, Germany, and in galleries around the world, including Holland, America, England, Spain, Belgium, and Finland. His work can be found in major museum collections including Metropolitan Museum of Art, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Museum of Arts and Design, The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem, Victoria & Albert Museum, London and many others.


There are so many different values in my work. Maybe the contrast is the most important thing, but it is also about the physical and aesthetic value. Sometimes cheap but beautiful materials are more important than gold, and sometimes gold and crystals are the right ones for my concept. I am an artist, for me it is about being allowed to play with all of it without a ranking or a limit.
/ Georg Dobler, interviewed by Adriane Dalton for Art Jewellery Forum.

In 1985, after an early deconstructivist phase, Georg Dobler started complementing his jewelry with organic elements in blackened silver. In the late 1990s, he experimented with the opulence of gemstones, creating pieces characterized by an innovative combination of naturalism and artificiality. Around the turn of the millennium, he introduced minimalist compositions featuring polished amethyst or quartz slices set in blackened silver frames. His Beetle Brooches created since 2005 under the title à la Lalique clearly reveal he was inspired by this great Art Nouveau master. Dobler, who counts among the most important contemporary jewelry artists of today, recently started designing abstract, geometrical and technology-inspired pieces again.
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Exhibition  22 Jan 2022 - 12 Mar 2022  Rings ! at Houston.
Exhibition  20 Nov 2021 - 06 Feb 2022  Chronos in Padova.
Exhibition  19 Dec 2020 - 31 Mar 2021  The Palace of Shattered Vessels: Light Catchers.
Exhibition  27 Nov 2020 - 24 Dec 2020  Alluring.
Exhibition  12 Mar 2020 - 30 Mar 2020  Facetten-Reich by Margit Jaschke and Georg Dobler.
Exhibition  12 Mar 2020 - 18 Apr 2020  Stones: The final Cut.
Exhibition  06 Mar 2020 - 25 Apr 2020  Chronos.
Exhibition  15 Nov 2019 - 21 Dec 2019  Jahresend.
Exhibition  09 Nov 2018 - 22 Dec 2018  Georg Dobler Jewellery and Victor Kraus Painting.
Exhibition  05 Aug 2018 - 28 Oct 2018  Rough & Raw: A selection from the Coda Museum.
Exhibition  18 Jan 2018 - 19 Mar 2018  Unikate: Pforzheim Designer Jewelry.
Exhibition  25 Nov 2017 - 23 Dec 2017  Red by Georg Dobler.
Exhibition  09 Mar 2017 - 08 Apr 2017  Hommage to Manfred Bischoff.
Exhibition  26 Nov 2015 - 23 Dec 2015  Stones by Georg Dobler and Jürgen Eickhoff.
Exhibition  15 Nov 2014 - 31 Dec 2014  Georg Dobler and Thanh-Truc Nguyen.
Exhibition  12 Apr 2014 - 04 May 2014  Twogether by Georg Dobler and Margit Jäschke.
Exhibition  30 Jun 2011 - 11 Sep 2011  Georg Dobler: The composition of dreams.
Exhibition  23 Oct 2010 - 12 Dec 2010  Georg Dobler: Jewellery.

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Book:  Jewellery 1970–2015. Bollmann Collection. Arnoldsche Art Publishers:  Stuttgart,  2015
Book:  Georg Dobler: Schmuck/Jewellery 1980-2010. Arnoldsche Art Publishers:  Stuttgart,  2011
Book:  Preziosa 2009. Cutting the mirror. An aesthetic lexicon. Le Arti OrafeLe Arti Orafe:  Florence,  2009
Book:  Georg Dobler: Falsche Freunde - False Friends - Faux Amis. Galerie Spektrum:  Munich,  2006
Book:  Georg Dobler. Galerie Spektrum:  Munich,  2006