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Published: 28.02.2017

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The Gallery of Art in Legnica established in 1971 as a state and public gallery, has continued under the auspices of the City of Legnica. The gallery presents and promotes contemporary art in its all displays including the works of Polish and foreign artists. They host a full events calendar of happenings, workshops, film screenings, concerts, outdoor events, competitions, as well as courses, lectures and academic symposia on contemporary art.  An emphasis is placed on the field of contemporary jewellery through the annual Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver.


For more than thirty years, the Gallery of Art in Legnica has specialised in promoting contemporary jewellery and artistic objects made mainly of silver. We have been organising individual and group exhibitions of Polish and international artists, publishing exhibition catalogues, organising conferences and symposia, as well as fashion and jewellery shows, competitions and fairs. The most important event we organize is The Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. Every year we present individual and collective exhibitions as part of the festival, including:

Legnica International Jewellery Competition
The competition dates back to 1979 and every year it has a different topic. The competition is open and addressed to all artists, whose task is to present their work on a given topic – every year a different one – including an original artistic idea and representing a high level of artistry and technical skills. What is favoured is the concept, value and meaning of an artistic expression. Works entered for the competition are assessed by an international jury, on which over fifty outstanding goldsmithing artists and theoreticians have sat so far. What is characteristic of the competition is the fact that the winners of the first three prizes receive – according to a long-standing tradition – silver pellets and cash prizes. The submitted works are qualified by an international jury. Over the years, we have invited a number of distinguished artists to seat on the jury, including: J. Astfalck, G. Babetto, G. Bakker, P.Bauhuis, O. Boekhoudt, S. Bronger, L.Caballero R. Puig Cuyás, P. Derrez, G. Dobler, G.Gaon, A. Gut, F. Falk, H.Hermsen, M.J. van den Hout, J. Kamata, E. Knobel, O. Kűnzli, E.Mustonen, V.K. Novák, R. Peters, M. Petry, K. Pontoppidan, G. Pucsala, A. Ratnikowa, P. Sajet, B. Schmidt, B. Schobinger, P. Skubic, Z. Songqing, H. Stofer, T. Smeets, W. Tasso-Mattar, D. Watkins, K. Weisslechner, G. Visintin, M. Vilhena, A. Zanella and from Poland – A.Boss (PL), M. Dubiel, M. Gradowski, I. Huml, S. Fijałkowski, M.Gliwiński , G. Jabłoński, M.Kwiatkiewicz, A.Lis-Marcinkiewicz, J. Sokólski, A. Szadkowski, T. Zaremski, A. Wolski. Awards in competition are granulated silver and cash.

About the Artists
Our gallery collection is a cycle of retrospective presentations of distinguished personalities in jewellery art from Poland and abroad, including: J. Byczewski (PL), S. Fijałkowski (PL), P. Kaczyński (PL), N. Cherry (GB), H. O'Connor (USA), E. Knobel (IL), V.K. Novák (CZ), F. Peters (AU), M. Petry (GB), Rose & Gisbert Stach (D), L. Šikolová (CZ), W. Tasso-Mattar (D), R. Puig Cuyás (E), H. Hedman (S), P. Sequeira (P), T. Smeets (D), D. Boieri (IT), K. Siposová (SK), G. Jabłoński (PL) A. Zaremski (PL), A.Bruzda (PL), J. Suchodolski (PL), A. Lis-Marcinkiewicz (PL), A. Lisowska (PL), U. Reithofer (NL), P. Sajet (CH/FR), M. Ishikawa (JP), S.Trekel (D), H. Hermsen (NL), M. Kalińska (PL), P. Sequeira (P), E. Effenberg (PL), M.Gliwiński (PL).

Silver Schools
Silver Schools is a cycle presenting the artistic oeuvre of jewellery art schools from Europe, their professors, graduates and students. So far there have been presentations of schools from Antverp, Barcelona, Birmingham, Bratislava, Dundee, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Florence, Gdańsk, Glasgow, Halle, Hanau, Idar-Oberstein, Lappeenranta, Łódź, Matosinhos, Munich, Oslo, Padua, Pforzheim, Pilsen, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn and Vilnius. Continuing the cycle in the subsequent years, we are going to show one after the other all European silver schools. A total of 22 schools has been presented so far. The cycle will be continued with the intention to show all of them.

Debuts is a cycle presenting pieces of young Polish artists, who just start their activity in the field of design and art. Our plan is to invite novices from abroad.

The Boundaries of Global Art
The Boundaries of Global Art is a cycle of science sessions devoted to the newest art, goldsmithery and design.

The Gallery of Art in Legnica has several branches including:
Ring Gallery – Contemporary Art and Design (promotion of art and design)
Silver Gallery Under Quail`s Basket (promotion and sell of jewellery)
Gallery Niello (sell of pieces of art).

Artist list

T. Smeets (D), D. Boieri (IT), K. Siposová (SK), G. Jabłoński (PL) A. Zaremski (PL), Plateaus Group: (K.Dettar, P. Domingues, E. Tarin, B. Dzuráková, 4D (CZ): (Alena Hesounová, Karla Olšáková, Kateřina Řezáčová, Lucie Houdková), AU+ (PL): (M. Bogusław, B. Chmielewski, F. Jackowski, M. Wysocki), A.Bruzda (PL), J. Suchodolski (PL), A. Lis-Marcinkiewicz (PL), A. Lisowska (PL), D.Gulbierz (PL), M.Miodek (PL), A. Kanicka (PL), D. Sokołowska (PL), U. Reithofer, P. Sajet, T. Reulecke (D), Maarja Niinemagi (ES) i Teresa Lane (AT), Bastard Collection (D): (I. Römmich, V.Schmidt), M. Ishikawa (JP), S.Trekel (D), H. Hermsen (NL), M. Kalińska (PL), P. Sequeira (P), F. Peters (AU), R. Puig Cuyás (E), H.Hedman (S), E. Effenberg (PL), M. Owczarek (PL). M.Gliwiński (PL), 4 Women (PL): (W. Bachan, J. Gazda, D. Michalska, M.Tejwan).


Opening hours:
Gallery of Art in Legnica
Ring Gallery – Contemporary Art & Design

Both open:
From March till October: Tuesday-Sunday, 11.00 a.m. - 6 p.m.
From November till February: Tuesday-Saturday, 10.00 a.m. - 5. p.m.

Silver Gallery Under Quail’s Basket: Monday to Saturday, 10.00-6.00, Sat. 10.00-2.00.
Tickets: Free admission

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Award  19 Mar 2017 - 20 Mar 2017  Identity: Jewellery Competition 2017.
Open call  30 Jan 2017 - 01 Mar 2017  XIV International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip.
Open call  22 Jan 2017 - 05 Apr 2017  Identity: Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2017.
Meeting  26 Apr 2016 - 05 Jun 2016  Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver 2016.
Exhibition  26 Apr 2016 - 05 Jun 2016  The anatomy of thoughts by Jorge Manilla.
Award  08 Mar 2016 - 25 Mar 2016  City: Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2016.
Fair  08 Oct 2015 - 10 Oct 2015  JOYA: Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2015.
Exhibition  10 Jul 2015 - 23 Aug 2015  Amber Chamber at Luxembourg.
Meeting  28 May 2015 - 07 Jun 2015  Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver.
Award giving  16 May 2015 - 16 May 2015  Legnica International Jewellery Festival Silver Winners 2015.
Exhibition  28 Apr 2015 - 07 Jun 2015  Dusza by Ruudt Peters.
Exhibition  22 Apr 2014 - 08 Jun 2014  Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver.
Award  22 Apr 2014 - 08 Jun 2014  Classic: Jewellery Competition 2014.
Exhibition  30 Apr 2013 - 30 Jun 2013  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER.
Exhibition  30 Apr 2013 - 23 Jun 2013  REVOLT: Legnica International Jewellery Competition.
Exhibition  04 May 2012 - 24 Jun 2012  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER.
Award  04 May 2012 - 30 Jun 2012  RITUAL: Jewellery Competition 2012.
Exhibition  08 May 2011 - 12 Jun 2011  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER.
Award  08 May 2011 - 12 Jun 2011  Sexy: Jewellery Competition 2011.
Exhibition  08 May 2011 - 12 Jun 2011  Ramón Puig Cuyàs: Symbolic exchanges.
Exhibition  18 May 2010 - 13 Jun 2010  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2010.
Exhibition  08 May 2010 - 13 Jun 2010  19th Legnica International Jewellery Competition Minimum 2010.
Exhibition  08 May 2009 - 08 Jun 2009  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2009.
Exhibition  08 May 2009 - 08 Jun 2009  18th Legnica International Jewellery Competition Decadence 2009.
Exhibition  30 Apr 2008 - 08 Jun 2008  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2008.
Exhibition  30 Apr 2008 - 08 Jun 2008  17th Legnica International Jewellery Competition Exclusive 2008.
Exhibition  28 Dec 2007 - 03 Jun 2007  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2007.
Award  28 Apr 2007 - 03 Jun 2007  Absolute Beauty: Jewellery Competition 2007.
Award  10 May 2006 - 11 Jun 2006  Scandal: Jewellery Competition 2006.
Exhibition  10 May 2006 - 11 Jun 2006  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2006.
Exhibition  29 Apr 2005 - 05 Jun 2005  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2005.
Exhibition  01 May 2004 - 06 Jun 2004  13th Legnica International Jewellery Competition SMS - Short Message Silver.
Exhibition  01 May 2004 - 06 Jun 2004  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2004.
Exhibition  01 May 2003 - 08 Jun 2003  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2003 and 12th Legnica International Jewellery Competition The Circle.
Exhibition  26 Apr 2002 - 09 Jun 2002  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2002 and 11th Legnica International Jewellery Competition 2002.
Exhibition  10 May 2001 - 10 Jun 2001  Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER 2001 and 10th Legnica International Jewellery Competition Self-Portrait.