Greenware, Crockery, Chinawear by Shu-Lin Wu and Peter Hoogeboom

Exhibition  /  08 May 2014  -  08 Jun 2014
Published: 29.04.2014
Peter Hoogeboom. Necklace: Jade Acorn, 2014. Taiwanese porcelain, silver, remanium. Photo by Conor Vella. Peter Hoogeboom
Necklace: Jade Acorn, 2014
Taiwanese porcelain, silver, remanium
Photo by Conor Vella
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For their first joint exhibition, Shu-Lin Wu and Peter Hoogeboom, designers of contemporary jewellery in ceramics, chose the intriguing title Greenware, Crockery, Chinawear. Initiated by Noel Guyomarc’h, this exhibition will after travel to the United States, Taiwan, China and the Netherlands.