Ground by Ruudt Peters

Exhibition  /  20 May 2015  -  31 Jul 2015
Published: 05.05.2015
Ground by Ruudt Peters.
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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Ground by Ruudt Peters is an exhibition in Boston, USA, that includes work of different periods of the artist. This theme Ground will be continued by a workshop called Ground Now in Ravenstein, The Netherlands, this summer.

Artist list

Ruudt Peters
Ruudt Peters uses the Alchemical concepts of Micro/Macro and Above / Below in his jewelry.  Grounding is an important factor in how Peters approaches his work.  Blind drawing and working from the subconscious allow him to access images other than those generated by the conscious brain.  Peters’ work has evolved from his sleek cool designs in the 70’s to a more visceral approach. These works are autobiographical and render the various stages of his life.  Ground shows work both from the early and most recent period in his life. 
Ground: An interview with Ruudt Peters
Amani Bou Dargham
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