Hanna Hedman: Loss

Exhibition  /  06 Jul 2013  -  05 Aug 2013
Published: 02.07.2013
Ornamentum Gallery
Laura Lapachin and Stefan Friedemann

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"All around is beauty, but a lingering bleakness is pulling downward." - Hanna Hedman solo exhibition & artist talk

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Hanna Hedman
"All around is beauty, but a lingering bleakness is pulling downward." - Hanna Hedman

Hanna Hedman's new group of jewellery merge from aesthetics of loss, personal inner darkness, imitated nature and talismanic objects.

Blossoming sentimental flowers that imitate still life paintings become preserved into metal. Desiccated leaves form a hand that wants to hold on to you or a mask to hide behind. The work represent a frozen moment of decay; a preserved dark beauty that derives from the struggle of good and evil. Light and darkness are contesting one another. The jewellery wants to be beautiful on one hand, but on the other hand haunting and not even jewellery at all.


About the artist
Hanna Hedman born 1980 lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from Konstfack- University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm. She is also trained in the USA and New Zealand. After finishing her nine years of training in 2008 Hanna has exhibited her work in eleven solo exhibitions. Her work has also been included in numerous group exhibitions all over the word. Hedman’s jewellery is shown in permanent collections of the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Röhsska museet, Gothenburg, Trondheim Kommune, Trondheim, Marzee collection, Njmegen, Collection of Contemporary Jewellery, Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland, and others. Hedman has been the recipient of several awards, including the "Nova– Nordic Designer of the Year", 2011, "So Fresh Award", 2009 and the"Marzee International Graduation Show prize" 2008 and 2005.
Hanna Hedman. Neckpiece: Black Bile, 2013. Silver, leather, copper, paint. 47x26x5 cm. Photograph Sanna Lindberg. Hanna Hedman
Neckpiece: Black Bile, 2013
Silver, leather, copper, paint
47x26x5 cm
Photograph Sanna Lindberg
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Hanna Hedman. Necklace: Black Bile, 2013. Mask, silver, leather, copper, paint.. 56 x 10 x 18 cm. Photo by: Sanna Lindberg. Necklace and mask.. Hanna Hedman
Necklace: Black Bile, 2013
Mask, silver, leather, copper, paint.
56 x 10 x 18 cm
Photo by: Sanna Lindberg
Necklace and mask.

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