Herinner-ring, Remember-ring

Exhibition  /  23 Nov 2008  -  30 Dec 2008
Published: 03.12.2008
Galerie Beeld & Aambeeld
Fabrizio Tridenti. Ring: Log(o)out, 2008. Silver. Fabrizio Tridenti
Ring: Log(o)out, 2008
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90 jewellery designers have reacted to the theme with a work of art. Together with the exhibition a beautifully styled book will be published, with photographs of the designed ornaments and a motivation of the personal memories.
Fabrizio Tridenti:


Old silver cutlery sets through their silver identification marks.
The memory of objects intended for being melted.
The memory of a real experience.
The memory of having belonged to…
The memory of skills passed down over time.
The last evidence of commercial objects, which are out-of-fashion: maybe the most important aspect for contemporary society, as against meaning, aesthetics, functionality, quality, and personal taste.
Marks obscure and confuse the identity of the ring, and upset the normal order of things and values, but they keep the memory of objects full of stories, affection, and sense of belonging.

Lucia Massei:

Remember ring: Senna
We are still there. In front of the river. The yellow leafs are floating in the water. The journey has already begun. One way ticket...
Lucia Massei. Ring: Senna, 2008. 18kt yellow gold, iron, pigments, mica. Photographer: Federico Cavicchioli. Lucia Massei
Ring: Senna, 2008
18kt yellow gold, iron, pigments, mica
Photographer: Federico Cavicchioli
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Cristophe Burger. Ring: Hier, 2008. Silver, sandblasted glas, printed paper, makrolon. 41 x 28 mm. Cristophe Burger
Ring: Hier, 2008
Silver, sandblasted glas, printed paper, makrolon
41 x 28 mm
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