I-Land by Jiro Kamata

Exhibition  /  31 Jul 2014  -  27 Sep 2014
Published: 02.08.2014

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Jiro Kamata is a japanese artist who works with old camera lenses. The artist is interested in the discussion of the value of jewellery nowadays and through his works he presents this research. In this exhibition Jiro Kamata exhibits three series of work: 'Momentopia (2008-2010), Arboresque (2010-2012) and Spiegel (2011-2013').

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Jiro Kamata
ATTA Gallery welcomes Jiro Kamata to the gallery by giving him his very own “I-Land” Mini Exhibition!

Jiro Kamata is a Japanese contemporary jewellery artist who was trained at the famous Academy of Fine Arts Munich, with Prof. Otto Künzli, and now lives and works in Munich, Germany.

For the “I-Land” Mini Exhibition, Jiro chose to exhibit three series of work—'Momentopia (2008-2010), Arboresque (2010-2012) and Spiegel (2011-2013)'—all made with camera lenses.

“Jewellery is an object of value. This is the single most important notion in my work as an artist-jeweller.

I make jewellery from old camera lenses. The lenses I use have already retired from active duty, covered in a light layer of dust, sitting in some obscure corner in a camera shop. But imagine if we were able to talk with these lenses, what great stories they might tell us! They have witnessed so many memorable and precious moments from people's lives.

An investigation of the meaning of 'value' is integral in the work of goldsmiths such as myself. What is the real meaning of value for human beings? This question, always present in my mind, is what drives me to keep creating jewellery.”
Jiro Kamata


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Jiro Kamata. Brooch: Momentopia, 2008-2010. Camera Lens, paint, silver. Jiro Kamata
Brooch: Momentopia, 2008-2010
Camera Lens, paint, silver
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Jiro Kamata. Brooch: Arboresque, 2010-2012. Camera Lens, paint, silver. Jiro Kamata
Brooch: Arboresque, 2010-2012
Camera Lens, paint, silver
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Jiro Kamata. Pendant: Spiegel, 2011-2013. Camera Lens, mirror, silver. Jiro Kamata
Pendant: Spiegel, 2011-2013
Camera Lens, mirror, silver
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