I only remember the cow and the Pear tree is still shivering by Tatjana Giorgadse

Exhibition  /  05 Jun 2022  -  30 Jun 2022
Published: 27.06.2022
Tatjana Giorgadse. Earrings: Untitled, 2022. Sugru, agate, amethyst, gold plated silver.. 7 x 2 x 2 cm. Photo by: Doreen Timmers. Tatjana Giorgadse
Earrings: Untitled, 2022
Sugru, agate, amethyst, gold plated silver.
7 x 2 x 2 cm
Photo by: Doreen Timmers
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The art works of the Georgia born artist Tatjana Giorgadse is like the title of this show: funny, narrative and it stimulates the imagination. Tatjana Giorgadse's (1987) art is not easily categorised. It moves between surrealism, expressionism and pop-art and is characterised by a particularly free spirit. Although stone occupies a prominent place in her work, she also uses wood, metal, foam and all sorts of other things she finds or comes across. In addition, colour is important in combination with form and the stories that the materials evoke and carry within them.