Impressions on Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery

Exhibition  /  16 Jun 2007  -  18 Jul 2007
Published: 15.06.2007
Gallery LandskronSchneidzik
Leonor Hipólito. Brooch: Still life, 2005. Silver, wood. Leonor Hipólito
Brooch: Still life, 2005
Silver, wood
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Impressions: or jewellery that transmits visions of a culture from a group of artists that works
for the body poetically and functionally.

This exhibition attempts to show in an eclectic way what is currently being made in the field
of jewellery in Portugal. Authors of three generations and coming from different backgrounds
are presented under five thematic groups illustrated by five photographs: – Listening, Drawing,
Enhancing, Trusting and Remembering draw the eye and guide the mind of the viewer,
offering an understanding of the pieces and how they may be used.
Non-traditional materials and experimental techniques can be seen underpinned by strong
technical and craft skills. 

Inés Nunes. Piece: Graphite Thimbles. Inés, NunesPiece: Graphite Thimbles. Inés Nunes
Piece: Graphite Thimbles

Inés, Nunes
Piece: Graphite Thimbles

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Rita Faustino. Necklace: Untitled. Rita, FaustinoNecklace / neckpiece: Untitled. Rita Faustino
Necklace: Untitled

Rita, Faustino
Necklace / neckpiece: Untitled

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Marilia Maria Mira. Pendant: Room 66. Marilia Maria, MiraPendant: Room 66Sala Patiño at Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. Marilia Maria Mira
Pendant: Room 66

Marilia Maria, Mira
Pendant: Room 66
Sala Patiño at Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
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Diana Silva. Piece: Rosary. Diana, SilvaPiece: RosaryS.Roque Church in Lisbon. Diana Silva
Piece: Rosary

Diana, Silva
Piece: Rosary
S.Roque Church in Lisbon
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