Inheritance by MJ Tyson

Exhibition  /  26 Aug 2020  -  19 Oct 2020
Published: 26.08.2020
MJ Tyson. Necklace: Bless and Protect Me, 2020. Devotional medals and sterling silver.. 54.6 cm. MJ Tyson
Necklace: Bless and Protect Me, 2020
Devotional medals and sterling silver.
54.6 cm
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Sienna Patti Contemporary is proud to present our first exhibition with artist MJ TYSON. Based in Hoboken, New Jersey. Tyson’s artwork is centered on the relationship between people and their possessions. Making use of collections, unconventional casting, and record-keeping, Tyson’s interests in value and material culture have led her to draw from the worlds of jewelry, art appraisal, and museum conservation. Tyson examines the significance of jewelry not only in its relationship to the physical body but also in its role in our lives.