Jenny Klemming: Land pieces

Exhibition  /  12 Feb 2011  -  06 Mar 2011
Published: 04.02.2011
Maria Ylander
Jenny Klemming. Brooch: Aspect, 2010. Mahogny, fågelbär, silver, stål. 9,5x50x2 cm. Jenny Klemming
Brooch: Aspect, 2010
Mahogny, fågelbär, silver, stål
9,5x50x2 cm
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Gallery Hnoss proudly presents the Swedish jewellery artist Jenny Klemming.

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Jenny Klemming
Jewellery pieces have a tradition of being precious personal carriers of memory and social status. They have therefore been handled with care. I like the thought of a jewel being lost, found, re-made, inherited and worn during a lifetime – that the piece of jewellery has a life span longer and separate from mine.

Human interference or possible domination of nature is a recurring theme in my work. Time passes and our patterns need to be maintained. Our borders divide the landscape through roads and fences. We dominate and shape nature with gardens, industries and agriculture. Human intervention may also be subtle changes in the landscape that disclose a presence.

As an artist I am searching for connections. I gather aspects and associations, hints and lore, trying to map out my area of interest. It is a balance between craft and experiments, chance and control. Jewellery is powerful objects and as a jeweller I tread an ancient path. When I use an unrefined material I cultivate it. I dominate and bend it to my will or let it go out of my control for a while before shortening the leash. Will the seed grow?
Jenny Klemming. Brooch: Interface, 2010. Patinerad koppar, gjutakryl, bomullstråd, stål. 11x5,5x2 cm. Jenny Klemming
Brooch: Interface, 2010
Patinerad koppar, gjutakryl, bomullstråd, stål
11x5,5x2 cm
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Jenny Klemming. Brooch: Border, 2010. Patinerad koppar, gjutakryl, silver, stål. 8x6x2 cm. Jenny Klemming
Brooch: Border, 2010
Patinerad koppar, gjutakryl, silver, stål
8x6x2 cm
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Jenny Klemming. Necklace: Loop, 2010. Försilvrad koppar, bomullsrep, silkestråd. ø 70 cm, 14x3x3 cm. Jenny Klemming
Necklace: Loop, 2010
Försilvrad koppar, bomullsrep, silkestråd
ø 70 cm, 14x3x3 cm
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