Jewels from XXI Century by Stefania Lucchetta

Exhibition  /  18 Mar 2016  -  17 Apr 2016
Published: 22.03.2016
Stefania Lucchetta. Bangle: Silk 51, 2009. Anodized titanium.. Stefania Lucchetta
Bangle: Silk 51, 2009
Anodized titanium.
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The purpose of my research with techniques and materials has always been, since the outset, to create "specific" objects for our age, creating new, original and really contemporary shapes patently of the present day. / Stefania Lucchetta

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Stefania Lucchetta
In 2010 Wallpaper included Stefania Lucchetta’s name as one of the best reason to visit Italy. Exhibitions, shows and publications followed one another and her work went on exhaling the same cultural message of sensibility and innovative ideas. Her research focuses on applying new technologies to jewels design, relying on a continuous experimentation of methods and materials, beyond any traditional production tools, to create new wearable signs and symbols, capturing the essence of our times.

Thanks to metal sintering process, stellite, bio-compatible resins or titanium (so uncommon in the world of conventional jewellery), all her limited edition collections, close to design-art, have been shaped during the years parallel to her industrial lines. Against any stereotype, Stefania Lucchetta takes her creative inspiration straight from the “machine”, from her unfailing determination to pit herself with the challenges given by new technologies as well as the properties of each selected material, then optimized through 3D modelling software that allows her to investigate any little detail, modulating shapes and geometries.

My resin, titanium, stellite objects were not born to be reproduced with other techniques or materials: since I started my goal was that of overcoming the boundaries imposed by traditional production. I wanted to move forward, beyond what was already achievable before, pushing all the modern technologies to their limits. A different and less traveled road compared to handmade jewellery, a tireless research supported by her strong passion and headed by her confidence in matching contemporary aesthetics through form and technology, just as captured in her precious wearable architecture. / Stefania Lucchetta
Stefania Lucchetta. Ring: Crystal 82, 2007. Stellite.. Stefania Lucchetta
Ring: Crystal 82, 2007
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Stefania Lucchetta. Necklace: Vibrations 03, 2015. Titanium, steel.. Stefania Lucchetta
Necklace: Vibrations 03, 2015
Titanium, steel.
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Stefania Lucchetta. Ring: Sponge 86, 2010. Stellite.. Stefania Lucchetta
Ring: Sponge 86, 2010
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