Stefania Lucchetta

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Published: 18.08.2021


Stefania Lucchetta was born and lives in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. She holds degrees from Ca' Foscari University in Venice (1999, BA with honors in Literature and Art History) and Scuola Italiana Design in Padua (2004, Master’s degree in Industrial Design). After training in goldsmith art within her family business, in 1999, she begins to focus on 3D software and rapid prototyping machines. In 2002, parallel to her work as an industrial designer, she starts producing her limited-edition jewels, exploring experimental techniques and materials. She is considered a pioneer in using additive technologies applied to stellite and titanium to create innovative jewels. Thanks to her original research, she has been invited to give lectures at Milan Polytechnic. Her works have been exhibited in important institutions worldwide and featured in design magazines and catalogues of contemporary artistic jewellery. Over the years, her jewels have been acquired by important museums and private collections.


My jewels are the result of long and deep research on shapes, materials, and new techniques. Since I started working in jewellery in 1999, my goal was to overcome the boundaries imposed by traditional manufacturing. I wanted to move beyond what was already achievable, pushing the modern technologies to their limits and exploring their full potential, to find new possibilities of expression. Combined with the experience I had accumulated in making traditional jewellery by hand, 3D design and additives technologies have been a precious tool in my work, allowing me to give substance to an ambitious idea: creating a new and unconventional language for jewellery. It had never been my intention to imitate via new technologies what a man can do by hand, but rather to create new "wearable architectures" and find never seen opportunities, free from the constraints posed by traditional techniques.
The balance between form, structure, and material, the complex intersections of lines, planes, and solids - abstract forms that openly demonstrate their purely intellectual origin - ensure that my pieces - always with a strong visual impact - convey not only the strength of an artistic choice but also a sense of purity and a precious harmony.

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Exhibition  28 Feb 2024 - 03 Mar 2024  To Be Human in Munich.
Exhibition  06 Jul 2022 - 10 Jul 2022  Italiano Plurale at Handwerk and Design 2022.
Exhibition  07 May 2022 - 24 Jul 2022  Orizzonti d'Autore: Between Visions and Matter.
Exhibition  29 Oct 2021 - 31 Oct 2021  Italiano Plurale as Guest Country during Grassimesse.
Exhibition  07 Nov 2018 - 10 Nov 2018  Vie Personali by Italiano Plurale group at Vienna Jewellery Days.
Exhibition  07 Oct 2018 - 03 Nov 2018  Intersezioni by Stefania Lucchetta.
Exhibition  14 Jul 2018 - 12 Aug 2018  The New Italian Design at Tianjin.
Exhibition  16 Apr 2018 - 21 Apr 2018  Loot 2018 MAD about Jewelry.
Exhibition  02 Apr 2016 - 12 Sep 2016  Brilliant! The Futures of Italian Jewelry.
Exhibition  18 Mar 2016 - 17 Apr 2016  Jewels from XXI Century by Stefania Lucchetta.
Award  06 Nov 2014 - 09 Nov 2014  New Traditional Jewellery Design Contest 2014.