Julia deVille: Ossuarium

Exhibition  /  30 Oct 2008  -  29 Nov 2008
Published: 21.10.2008
Julia deVille. Object: Thodey Tomb, 2008. Jarrah, 925 silver, human ashes. 18 cm high. Julia deVille
Object: Thodey Tomb, 2008
Jarrah, 925 silver, human ashes
18 cm high
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New work by Julia deVille inspired by the skeleton and its final resting place.

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Julia deVille
An ossuarium is a container or receptacle for holding the bones of the dead. Coffins, skeletons and deaths heads have historically been used to symbolise the imminence of our earthly demise. Julia deVille’s practice takes its cue from this tradition of ‘Memento Mori’ (reminders of mortality). In Ossuarium we see the results of meticulous research into the anatomy of the skeleton: DeVille has photographed, drawn and disassembled carefully sourced specimens; cast the pieces in a range of materials and finally re-assembled them into wearable objects and sculptural pieces. DeVille is well-known for combining traditional gold and silversmithing techniques with materials that were once living, such as jet, human hair and taxidermied animals. Ossuarium will examine both the structural and cultural meanings carried within the skeleton, the most tangible marker of a life lived.
Julia deVille. Object: Emu Repository, 2008. Jarrah, 925 silver. 16 cm high. Julia deVille
Object: Emu Repository, 2008
Jarrah, 925 silver
16 cm high
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Julia deVille. Object: Elvie's Urn, 2008. Jarrah, 925 silver. 17 cm high. Julia deVille
Object: Elvie's Urn, 2008
Jarrah, 925 silver
17 cm high
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