Into the Kaleidoscope by Youjin Um

Exhibition  /  22 Feb 2024  -  24 Mar 2024
Published: 15.02.2024

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The exhibition presents Korean jewelry artist Youjin Um’s work at the Benaki Museum Shop. She was awarded the “Material Quests” award during Athens Jewelry Week 2020.

Artist list

Youjin Um
Youjin Um’s exhibition takes place as part of the contemporary jewelry festival Athens Jewelry Week, which this year is being reintroduced as the Jelo6 Project by Niki Stylianou. In collaboration with the Benaki Museum Shop, Jelo6 Project gives the “Material Quests” award to artists, whose work is characterized by exceptional aesthetics, superb craftsmanship and particular artistic inspiration.

About the artist:
A jewelry artist based in Seoul, South Korea, Youjin Um retains childhood memories in objects and spaces. Silver, Um’s primary material, recalls for her the purity of childhood, and the piercing used in her work involves rules and repetitive actions, symbolizing the hope embodied in patience and effort. Starting with the stable structure of a hexagon, she builds a more solid and sturdy frame in the process of gradually transforming its shape.

Her work is mainly shaped like a free block as an object, and decoration is a secondary element that can fully express pendants, brooches, or various functions. It is based on her pure childhood. By creating a virtual space with a regular and stable hexagonal structure, she researched works with the meaning of pursuing the desired stability and happiness in the anxious minds of modern people. The main shape of the work is the image of her childhood memories and the images rediscovered in structures.

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday to Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 h.
Sunday: 10:00 – 16:00 h.
Tuesday: Closed.

Opening event: 24.02.2024, 19:00 h.