The Killing Jewel and Anti-existence Device

Exhibition  /  12 Sep 2009  -  29 Sep 2009
Published: 03.09.2009

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You are invited for the exhibition "The Killing jewel jewel" and > "Anti-existence Device" a project from Teresa Milheiro, it is a Tangencial from EXD09 ( biggest event of Design in Lisbon).

Artist list

Teresa Milheiro
“The killing jewel”
The killing jewel is an analogy between the obsession with drugs- in this case Heroin-witch is the more precious thing for a drug addict, and the gold as an obsessive value material/object for some people.
This drug allows a person to live a parallel reality.

“The anti-existence device”
The anti-existence device is an object, to use in the back neck, That manages several substances that obstruct the contact with the reality.
- Botox for eternal youth
- Image changer
- Physical pain anaesthetic
- Denial fluid for emotional absence pain

This device symbolizes the non-real existence and the passage for another reality, the virtual one. Nothing is what it seems.

Teresa Milheiro 


Opening, Saturday 5th September at 17h.


© By the author. Read Copyright.