KL!NK Metall

Exhibition  /  15 Mar 2012  -  19 Mar 2012
Published: 14.03.2012
Boque auf Croque

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The Norwegian artist group KL!NK will exhibit jewellery and metalwork in Boque auf Croque’s showroom during Schmuck 2012, as a part of The international Crafts fair Munich.

Artist list

Anna Talbot, Anne Léger, Benedicte Lyssand, Elise Hatlø, Hedda Bjerkeli, Helene J. Linkosuonio, Ingrid Holand, Kjetil Aschim, Runa Vethal Stølen, Silje Bergsvik, Toril Bonsaksen, Trond Johansen.
KL!NK has 12 members, all with a Master degree in Visual Arts, specializing in the field of jewellery and metalwork. The group was created in 2009, based on the common wish to create a platform for exchange of new ideas and concepts, as well as curating group exhibitions. The variety of expressions within the group is wide, ranging from jewellery to sculptures, and wall pieces. KL!NK had their first international exhibition in Finland this year at DesignForum.

…If I was to describe KL!NKs relation to their use of found materials it must be Upcycling. The goal being that of taking a worthless material and upgrade it to a higher value than what it originally had. It should be visible that the material has gone through a time-consuming and craftsmanlike refinement. In this lays a manifestation of the craft; where the artisan, through knowing their trade and rely on their aesthetic reflections, have the power to give the waste both artistic and economic value, so that it in the end reflects upon and comment the consumer society…

Senior curator Knut Astrup Bull
(National museum of Design and Decorative Arts, Norway)