Kontrapunkt Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition

Exhibition  /  13 Sep 2022  -  18 Sep 2022
Published: 21.09.2022
Rita Besnyoi. Installation: Skin, 2022. Kombucha leather, wire, tulle.. Alternative view. Rita Besnyoi
Installation: Skin, 2022
Kombucha leather, wire, tulle.

Alternative view

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'As a word, art is perceived as a product, a noun, an object. In English, Hungarian, German and Italian there is no verb for “art”, instead concentrating on made results rather than the process of doing it.'

'Kontrapunkt wants to show artists in their liminal thinking and doing as they interrogate their boundaries, as they explore and exploit imbalance, as they deconstruct in order to construct, as they struggle through chaos in order to seek a new equilibrium. 
…when a group of distinct voices comes together, the energy of their polyphony has the power to multiply, reverberate and resonate…where the complex potential of the intersecting beams is always stronger than that of its individual rays.' - Lieta Marziali