Rita Besnyoi

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Published: 22.09.2022


Rita Besnyői originally graduated as an architect at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, later did venture into the jewellery field. Besides goldsmithing, She also developed herself as an art educator and found interesting opportunities in art mediation nowadays. Her works are fueled by personal memories and experiences, most of the collections are dedicated to a special period of her life. Using jewellery creation as art therapy for herself, she is experimenting with many materials parallel, prying their and her own limits meanwhile. She runs her own opened co-workshop studio for jewellery makers in the heart of Budapest, where they organize workshops, exhibitions and programs connected to the jewellery field. 


From my latest solo exhibition entitled "  I follow rivers".
Sometimes you need to explode things into miniature pieces, so that you can understand, to store them. To treat them right. These objects, woods, chains are treasured pieces of my life, fulfilled with emotions, representing my roots and mental heritage for me.
By now, these pieces seemed untouchable, but cutting them into even smaller pieces, the meditation of working led me towards deepening, thinking over my relations with them. And slowly perhaps I am able to take my losses as winnings in another way. Almost every material showed its new face for me, during the work. The monotonicity of the process brought me pleasure, like practising yoga until you can not go further. Then take a rest and observe. I let the rivers under my skin lead my way.
I carry my backpack, sometimes it is heavy, sometimes not too bad. Interesting to notice, the more fragments I recognize, the more comfortable it gets.

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