Koru+itä. Members of the Finnish Jewellery Art Association

Exhibition  /  02 Aug 2018  -  01 Sep 2018
Published: 04.08.2018
Elina Honkanen. Necklace: A Promise, 2018. Volcanic ash, resin, cotton cord.. Elina Honkanen
Necklace: A Promise, 2018
Volcanic ash, resin, cotton cord.
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The Finnish Jewellery Art Association (Korutaideyhdistys ry ) is presenting its members' works in a group show in August. When altogether 20 artists are presented from different corners of Finland, you can get a good look at what is going on in the Finnish field at the moment. This exhibition was juried by a gallerist, photographer Katja Hagelstam and jewellery artist, Helena Lehtinen.