Kristin Beeler: Beauty and Other Monsters

Exhibition  /  18 Jul 2007  -  26 Aug 2007
Published: 23.08.2007
Kristin Beeler. Brooch: Itch, 2007. Kristin Beeler
Brooch: Itch, 2007
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Kristin Beeler will present new jewelry on the study of beauty. Her work embodies both the historical and modern day references to beauty and the role the artist plays exploring beauty today. Her work uses historical iconography playing on the fascination and horror our society has with beauty.
Beauty, as the perception of effortless perfection, is both protective and exclusionist. Its nature is unapproachable, our need for it unrealistic.

We experience beauty as an internal sigh of relief when our senses connect sympathetically with the external. In those moments, beauty feels less like a discovery and more like a remembering. In the sublime, it makes us feel closer to god. In the extreme, it separates us from ourselves.

If I could, I would make pieces that were so beautiful, they made people uncomfortable, touching off an itch of vague desire. Beauty, it seems, is the heat generated by friction between that longing and relief.