Kushari by Estela Saez and Ulrich Reithofer

Exhibition  /  25 May 2019  -  07 Jul 2019
Published: 20.05.2019
Kushari by Estela Saez and Ulrich Reithofer.
Ornamentum Gallery
Estela Saez Vilanova. Necklace: Habibi I, 2018. Silver, tourmaline, silk.. Estela Saez Vilanova
Necklace: Habibi I, 2018
Silver, tourmaline, silk.
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Kushari is an Egyptian dish of macaroni, lentils, rice and onions mixed with traditional Egyptian flavors, the food is a symbol of Egypt as a multi-cultural society, influenced by the occupations of Western Europeans.

Artist list

Ulrich Reithofer, Estela Saez Vilanova
2013 saw the birth of the DSAF, a contemporary jewelry design school in Egypt, the first school of its kind in the Middle East. It is there that Estela Saez became the director and Ulrich Reithofer Instructor / Artist In Residence and it is where both artists' bodies of work found influence during tumultuous years of change and unrest.

Kushari is the fusion of two approaches to working that shared a monumental experience in Egypt. A kind of digestion of the 3 - 4 years working in Cairo. The work, besides fulfilling the need for expression, is a small tribute to this land (and its people) that we discovered together, but often because of our genders, from quite different perspectives.
Ulrich Reithofer. Brooch: Perfect Matches, 2019. Camel bone, amber, shibuichi, brass.. Ulrich Reithofer
Brooch: Perfect Matches, 2019
Camel bone, amber, shibuichi, brass.
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Estela Saez Vilanova. Pendant: Mymories, 2018. Gold, ruthenium plated brass.. Estela Saez Vilanova
Pendant: Mymories, 2018
Gold, ruthenium plated brass.
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