Landscapes: a Matter of Perspectives

Exhibition  /  23 Jul 2013  -  13 Oct 2013
Published: 26.05.2013
Pforzheim Art Assiciation
Cornelie Holzach
Gesine Grundmann. Piece: Untitled, 2005. Styrofoam, glue, paint, spray paint. Courtesy Galerie Vera Gliem, Cologne. Gesine Grundmann
Piece: Untitled, 2005
Styrofoam, glue, paint, spray paint
Courtesy Galerie Vera Gliem, Cologne
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Corresponding with the exhibition "Magnificent Views?: Landscapes in Jewellery" at the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum, the city's Art Association stages "Landscapes: a Matter of Perspectives" and presents various positions in contemporary art.
“Magnificent Views? – Landscapes in Jewellery” and “Landscapes – a Matter of Perspectives” – these two exhibitions about the topic landscape will be shown by Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum and the city’s Art Association.

Landscapes: we are surrounded by them, experience them, and they have an effect on us. We form a multitude of landscape images in our mind’s eye, and notions of landscapes typical of a certain era manifest themselves in a variety of media such as in movies, on postcards and holiday photos, in the form of cultured landscapes, nature reserves, parks or excursion destinations. In jewellery as well as in the fine arts, landscapes have evolved as an autonomous theme. The »Magnificent Views? – Landscapes in Jewellery« and »Landscapes, a Matter of Perspectives« exhibitions organized by Pforzheim’s Jewellery Museum and the city’s Art Association in the Reuchlinhaus building and on display from July 23 through October 13 explore this familiar yet always novel genre from both a historical and a contemporary angle.

»Landscapes – a Matter of Perspectives«
The »Landscapes – a Matter of Perspectives« group exhibition staged by Pforzheim’s Art Association presents various positions in contemporary art. The focus, however, is not on romanticizing interpretations of landscapes in the form of projection spaces and places of yearning that we have known since the Romantic period and which are part of our inherent historical knowledge. Neither does the exhibition emphasize what’s commonly perceived today and also reflected upon by contemporary artists, i.e. the fragility of landscapes and their being endangered by people’s attitude towards nature. The works selected draw our attention above all to individual details and segments, to what has been spatially defined and marked off so as to differentiate landscapes from nature, and thus enable them to become the subject of aesthetic reflection. The artists involved take up this cultural process of topographically parcelling out nature, and emphasize it by means of their dissecting and transformative focus on individual elements and phenomena related to landscapes. They disassociate horizon lines, mountain tops, patches of grassland, tree trunks, stones and plants from their natural contexts and work on them as isolated entities. They both feature and question stereotypical natural phenomena that are representative of certain landscapes, as well the resulting human behaviour patterns. The exhibition presents sculptural installations, objects, videos and drawings.

The exhibition is curated by Bettina Schönfelder and Elisabeth Heine.