Landscapes of the mind by Artemis Valsamaki

Exhibition  /  26 May 2016  -  23 Jun 2016
Published: 23.05.2016
Artemis Valsamaki. Bracelet: Watch your mouth, 2015 / 2016. Copper, silver, bronze, acrylics. 9 x 13 cm. Photo by: Paul Tom. Artemis Valsamaki
Bracelet: Watch your mouth, 2015 / 2016
Copper, silver, bronze, acrylics
9 x 13 cm
Photo by: Paul Tom
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We are happy to invite Artemis Valsamaki, a jewellery artists from Athens ,Greece, to her first solo exhibition in Sweden. The title of the exhibition Landscapes of the mind describes people’s search to understand life and crucial mysteries about the soul’s immortality. References to ancient Greek philosophy, combined with a rich variety of symbols in colorful visual expressions, tell fable-like stories of human dreams, longing, fear and madness.