LAO students at Inhorgenta 2020

Exhibition  /  14 Feb 2020  -  17 Feb 2020
Published: 06.02.2020
Neue Messe München
Le Arti Orafe
Martina Zentilini. Ring: Untitled, 2020. Iron, quartz.. From series: Before Anyone Else. Composition of three rings.. Martina Zentilini
Ring: Untitled, 2020
Iron, quartz.
From series: Before Anyone Else
Composition of three rings.

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As every year, some students of the final year of the goldsmith's course present a preview of the collection they are working on, and which will be the object of their final exhibition, at the end of June.

Artist list

Agnese Soave, Martina Zentilini
Martina Zentilini. BAE
BAE (Before Anyone Else) represents the own self-affirmation through the accessory. The collection was born due to the necessity to dare - stand out -  provoke. The minerals are combined with iron deformations breaking the classic symbology.

Agnese Soave. Resilience
Resilience is the inherent ability in people and materials to absorb a shock without breaking. My jewels represent the moment just after trauma: the metal cracks break and is going to breaking in a thousand pieces. This doesn’t happen thanks to the inherent power in precious materials. Thanks to their autonomy, each jewel remains stable in a pure balance.
Agnese Soave. Necklace: Untitled, 2020. Shibuichi, rutilated quartz.. From series: Resilience. Agnese Soave
Necklace: Untitled, 2020
Shibuichi, rutilated quartz.
From series: Resilience
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Martina Zentilini. Necklace: Untitled, 2020. Iron, Lapislazzuli.. From series: Before Anyone Else. Martina Zentilini
Necklace: Untitled, 2020
Iron, Lapislazzuli.
From series: Before Anyone Else
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