Latin American Poetics

Exhibition  /  05 Jul 2023  -  27 Jul 2023
Published: 21.06.2023

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Latin American Poetics is a project that was born from an initiative of the Study Honorato + Vicencio whose objective is to summon various creators from the Latin American territory (Chile, Brazil and Argentina) to share the reflections developed around creation from questions "about Latin America" ​​in the present time. The sample was born with a call, which is finally defined according to the depth and sharpness of the reflections presented. The curators (Study Honorato + Vicencio) posed a challenge; which was accepted by the creators participating in the show.

Artist list

Joana Gabos, Caco Honorato, Patricia Iglesias, Lorena Jarpa, Daniela Rivera, Marita Sario, Mariela Vicencio
In this exhibition, language is approached from the creation of pieces that explore the limits of Contemporary Jewelry, approaching the notion of "Portable Art", from the perspective and personal poetics of each artist. In some way, the gesture of asking ourselves about the Latin American identity in a critical way was a catalyst of processes, in which the creators ended up questioning themselves about the paradigms of their work, both in relation to materials, production systems, circuits and implementation. scene in a broad term. The pieces, the exhibition, the texts, the photographic proposals, the readings that emerge from this process are "the work" as a whole; this is an experience.

There is, in this project, an effort to go beyond representation, to distance itself from the clichés and stereotypes of Latin America; and with this, leave room for the proposals and poetics that each creator presents. His work is a means of expression, a way of showing how he feels and what it is like to live in this part of the world (and create from here), a way of reflecting the specific socio-political of each one, from the material and objectual work, a vision that "opens the field" regarding its origin.