Latvian contemporary jewellery in Tokyo

Exhibition  /  13 May 2015  -  20 May 2015
Published: 21.04.2015

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Art gallery Putti in collaboration with the embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Japan proudly presents the exhibition of Latvian contemporary jewellery artists as a part of Latvia design and art week.

Artist list

Māris Auniņš, Valdis Brože, Andris Lauders, Guntis Lauders, Māris Šustiņš
Conversations with amber – this is what the exhibition is all about. In some way jewellery artist`s dialog with amber is a battle of two giants, where outstanding sense of the material and intellectual investment is needed. It is still upon discussion how much amber should be intervened by changing it, for it not to be destroyed. Every amber piece is unique in its colour, form and texture – therefore it is very important to preserve its natural beauty by adjusting the design of the jewellery piece to the amber not adjusting the amber to the design.
Amber has been through a lot and it is a powerful conversation companion, who asks for a partner of the same intelligence – the jewellery artist, the jewellery piece wearer and also the viewing audience.
In this exhibition we come from a conversation about the amber to a conversation about ourselves in 21st century and about marks that we will leave for the upcoming generations. The cultural experience of the amber and its existence in the global space is as much as inseparable and interrelated as the mark that the Universe has left in each amber piece.
Valdis Brože. Ring: Floating, 2015. amber, silver, niello, Gold 18K. Valdis Brože
Ring: Floating, 2015
amber, silver, niello, Gold 18K
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Valdis Brože. Ring: Folding, 2015. amber, Sterling Silver, enamel. Valdis Brože
Ring: Folding, 2015
amber, Sterling Silver, enamel
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Andris Lauders. Necklace: Things that never end- Aqueduct, 2015. amber, Sterling Silver, Gold 18K, rubber. Andris Lauders
Necklace: Things that never end- Aqueduct, 2015
amber, Sterling Silver, Gold 18K, rubber
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Guntis Lauders. Ring: Legacy of Eizens, 2015. amber, sterling silver, smoky topaz. Guntis Lauders
Ring: Legacy of Eizens, 2015
amber, sterling silver, smoky topaz
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Māris Šustiņš. Brooch: Adornment Needle-pin, 2015. amber, sterling silver, gilding. Māris Šustiņš
Brooch: Adornment Needle-pin, 2015
amber, sterling silver, gilding
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Māris Auniņš. Brooch: Magic Structures, 2015. Amber, sterling silver.. Māris Auniņš
Brooch: Magic Structures, 2015
Amber, sterling silver.
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