Le Arti Orafe at Inhorgenta Munich 2017

Exhibition  /  18 Feb 2017  -  21 Feb 2017
Published: 16.02.2017
Le Arti Orafe at Inhorgenta Munich 2017.
Giò Carbone
Su Yu Ching. Hair Pin: Untitled, 2016. 925 silver, pure gold, steel.. Su Yu Ching
Hair Pin: Untitled, 2016
925 silver, pure gold, steel.
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Le Arti Orafe will be at Inhorgenta 2017 with its own space, included a dedicated space to “Preziosa Young 2017” and a students’ work exhibition.

Artist list

Giampaolo Callegari, Su Yu Ching, Shachar Cohen, Xiaodai Huang, Fang Jin Yeh, Meret Pérez, Zhang Tianyi, Beatrice Valtolina, Qian Wang
Inhorgenta is one of the most important jewelry international fair trade with hundreds exhibitors and visitors growing up year by year.

LAO- Le Arti Orafe will be there with its boot to show the school activities and courses, and there will be an exhibition of some selected students in a dedicated space. The selected students are: Giampaolo Callegari, Meret Pérez, Su Yu Ching, Beatrice Valtolina e Zhang Tianyi.

Furthermore we have the pleasure to exhibit the work of “Preziosa Young 2017” winners. The 4 artists, selected by a jury composed of curators, artists and bloggers will have a dedicated space for their exhibition inside our area. The young winners are: Fang Jin Yeh, Qian Wang, Shachar Cohen, Xiaodai Huang.

In the next weeks we will update with news and events! Stay tuned!
Giampaolo Callegari. Cutlery: Chopsticks, 2016. 925 silver, ebony.. Giampaolo Callegari
Cutlery: Chopsticks, 2016
925 silver, ebony.
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Meret Pérez. Earrings: Vestigial, 2016. 925 silver, granulation.. Meret Pérez
Earrings: Vestigial, 2016
925 silver, granulation.
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Zhang Tianyi. Piece: Untitled, 2017. 925 silver.. Necklace & Earring. Zhang Tianyi
Piece: Untitled, 2017
925 silver.
Necklace & Earring

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Beatrice Valtolina. Necklace: Elemento 2, 2015. 925 silver. Beatrice Valtolina
Necklace: Elemento 2, 2015
925 silver
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