Light Steel by Sawa Aso

Exhibition  /  23 May 2020  -  25 Jul 2020
Published: 25.05.2020
Sawa Aso. Brooch: Pen #4, 2020. Stainless Steel. On body. Sawa Aso
Brooch: Pen #4, 2020
Stainless Steel

On body

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In the morning, we deck ourselves from head to toe with social codes. It is so familiar, that you hardly realize it when choosing your clothing, shoes, and, probably, some jewellery. Thereafter we are again what we want ourselves to be, ready to face the world. However we also carry lots of practical objects with us: a watch, glasses, pens and pencils, cell-phone, what have you. It was this last category that caught Sawa Aso's attention, for in them - similar to the things mentioned earlier - a mixture manifests itself of functionality and 'image-building'.