The Limit of Emptiness by Federica Sala

Exhibition  /  14 Apr 2024  -  13 May 2024
Published: 15.04.2024

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This show marks the return of Federica Sala's work to Ohmyblue in Venice, where she presents the developments of her research on the perception and interaction of the body with space applied to objects and sculpture jewelry.

Artist list

Federica Sala
In recent years, the artist's work has increasingly focused on defining an aesthetic and formal balance between conceptually opposing materials, to speak more and more about constraint and tension. Transparent glass insinuates itself and fills the spaces left empty, but it does so by creating the perimeter and surface of the void.
The void is a space deprived of matter that contains everything potentially. A fundamental space for the artist to engage with the body and its identities.
With The Limit of Emptiness, Federica presents for the first time in Venice and Italy vases and sculpture jewelry specially created in dialogue on the themes that have become increasingly dear to the artist lately: oppression and freedom.

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun 11 h - 13 h & 15.30 h - 19.30 h.