Lina Peterson

Exhibition  /  22 Nov 2008  -  14 Dec 2008
Published: 19.11.2008
Lina Peterson. Brooch: Untitled, 2008. Mixed media. Lina Peterson
Brooch: Untitled, 2008
Mixed media
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Galleri Hnoss is proud to present the English-Swedish jewellery artist Lina Peterson.

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Lina Peterson
"The focus of my jewellery lies within the exploration of material qualities and combinations. Allowing room for playfulness to enter my work, I am interested in finding the balance between the controlled and the arbitrary. The use of textile techniques are combined with a range of other materials, such as dip-coated plastics and metals."

Lina Peterson
Lina Peterson. Brooch: Flattened, 2006. Gold-plated copper, dip-coated metals, silk. Lina Peterson
Brooch: Flattened, 2006
Gold-plated copper, dip-coated metals, silk
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