Lumina by Jamie Bennett

Exhibition  /  21 May 2016  -  19 Jun 2016
Published: 25.05.2016
Jamie Bennett. Necklace: Lumina Necklace #15, 2016. Enamel on copper, oxidized sterling silver. Jamie Bennett
Necklace: Lumina Necklace #15, 2016
Enamel on copper, oxidized sterling silver
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Painting and sculpture, nature and architecture, western motifs and eastern, all merge in Jamie Bennett’s glorious enamel jewelry. At a summit in his 40-year career, Bennett’s output grows consistently more proficient and refined. Some of his latest works read like bas relief, as enigmatic pictorial panels are laid over linear silver latticework that engenders powerfully charged spaces. One may perceive Klimt, Munch, Johns, aboriginal dream paintings, or the cosmos; the reverse of each piece is as luscious as the front. / Toni Greenbaum, Art Historian