Lying awake by Alise Talberga and Maija Vitola

Exhibition  /  24 Mar 2017  -  15 Apr 2017
Published: 07.02.2017

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From March until April, Art gallery Putti presents contemporary jewellery exhibition by two emerging Latvian jewellery artists Alise Tālberga and Maija Vītola.

Artist list

Alise Tālberga, Maija Vītola
Alise Tālberga and Maija Vītola are connected by studies in Latvian Academy of Arts and active participation in art jewellery world. The concept of the exhibition has a purpose of stimulating philosophical contemplation about the world, which we encounter in early childhood, the world that is full of metaphors and life lessons - fairy tale kingdom.
The information locked in fairy tales is displayed through symbols - by interpreting it the artists invite to pay attention to the inner world of human beings and spiritual values that should be cherished and developed. The stage design of the exhibition “Lying awake” transforms Art gallery Putti into a space that holds the birth of artists` ideas and dreams materialize into jewellery pieces, visualizing the emotions and atmosphere of jewellery making process. There is an opinion that the life of jewellery piece begins in the moment when the new owner starts to wear it. That is the moment when a dream transforms into reality.
The artist Maija Vītola.
The artist Maija Vītola

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The artist Alise Tālberga.
The artist Alise Tālberga

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