Lynne Sausele: Spotlight

Exhibition  /  14 Feb 2015  -  07 Mar 2015
Published: 19.02.2015
Lynne Sausele. Painting: Halibut Point, 2011. Oil on panel. two 15 x 20 cm panels. Lynne Sausele
Painting: Halibut Point, 2011
Oil on panel
two 15 x 20 cm panels
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The designs Lynne creates in her jewelry pieces are modern and unique to our time, in her paintings the abstractions are often a reflection of the patterns in the beading work and the realist paintings are the simple pleasure of painting observations of the world.

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Lynne Sausele
"My favorite mediums in the creative process are painting and jewelry design. I travel joyfully back and forth between the two, each offering a wonderful balance in the use of color, texture, construction and design.

"In my jewelry design I explore two realms, beading and fabricating in silver and gold. All of it is a great adventure. The beaded work is glorious in the color array to choose from and the fabricated painted work is a real structural process, all delightful in the challenge."

- Lynne Sausele
Lynne Sausele. Piece: Reconstructions, 2014. Wood, paint. Various sizes. Lynne Sausele
Piece: Reconstructions, 2014
Wood, paint
Various sizes
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