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To Make, Craftsmanship and jewelry in the contemporary era

Exhibition  /  29 Apr 2016  -  01 May 2016
Published: 27.04.2016

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WE WALKA Escuela has brought together eleven students from the 2015-2016 period along with their teachers to exhibit pieces that challenge the notions or analyze the concepts of Contemporary Jewelry in Chile today, as an expression of the so called “Gray Areas” of creation, the converging zone between contemporary art, craft and design.

Artist list

Carolina Dalgalarrondo, Margaret Greenhill, Hadron & Lepton, Jon Jacobsen, Jacinta Martínez, Brigid Mc Nellis, Ana Pavez, Lore Romero, Natalia Sarrazín, Soledad Teixidó, Walka, Ricardo di Parodi
The exhibition becomes relevant because of the current situation of Contemporary Jewelry in Chile. What do we mean by Contemporary Jewelry? Which aspects become relevant the moment we discuss it? What are its “gray areas”? What is the condition of the discipline that is being developed in Chile today? What are its fundamental research concepts? 

The pieces being displayed express different approaches, which evidence how extensive this discipline can be. From wearable jewelry -surely among some of the most traditional definitions of jewellery- to pieces that bring together craft and design, video-art pieces, textiles and objects. All in all, pieces of jewelry and pieces that talk about jewelry and its boundaries. All of these question the relationship between the human body and object.    

The selection of pieces aims to create an understanding of what Chilean contemporary jewelry is today. It takes into consideration that it is part of a global scene and understands that it is one of the “so called” grey area practices, including, contemporary art, jewelry, design, fashion and craft. The selected pieces represent a journey from the tangible to the intangible. From the mundane to the sacred, from life to death.

Many of these pieces have been awarded prizes and have been part of important competitions and exhibited in museums and galleries in different parts of the world. They have also appeared in important publications such as: Young Contemporary Art Competition MAVI Museum (Chile), TALENTE (Germany), Excellence Seal UNESCO (Chile and Conosur). New York Fashion Week (USA), L'Officiel (Mexico), Harper´s BAZAAR (Chile), Paris Fashion Week (France), Beijing Biennial Art Jewelry (China), Museum of Art and Design MAD NYC (USA), Chilean Design Bienal Bienal (Chile and Spain), Éclat Bookt: New Masters of Jewellery Design, SHOWstudio Fashion Film Festival (UK), ELLE and VOGUE magazine, among others.

We are certain that the people taking part in this exhibition are laying the foundations (strong, relevant, stable and sustainable) for new Chilean contemporary jewelry
. / Nano Pulgar. Director WE WALKA

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Friday 29th of April till 1th of May from 11 to 21h
Walka. Installation: ANDES, 2016. Ox-horn, silver, gold plated silver, 18k gold. Photo by: Karen Clunes. From series: Andes. Walka
Installation: ANDES, 2016
Ox-horn, silver, gold plated silver, 18k gold
Photo by: Karen Clunes
From series: Andes
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Brigid Mc Nellis. Necklace: Vacios, 2015. Sheep wool fiber, copper. From series: Vacios. Brigid Mc Nellis
Necklace: Vacios, 2015
Sheep wool fiber, copper
From series: Vacios
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Margaret Greenhill. Ring: Donde esta el valor, 2014. Wood, copper. From series: Donde esta el valor. Margaret Greenhill
Ring: Donde esta el valor, 2014
Wood, copper
From series: Donde esta el valor
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Natalia Sarrazin. Brooch: Traces, 2016. Silver 950. From series: Traces. Natalia Sarrazin
Brooch: Traces, 2016
Silver 950
From series: Traces
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Ricardo di Parodi. Installation: El culto al cargo, 2011. Superman suit, wool. Part of: El culto al cargo. Ricardo di Parodi
Installation: El culto al cargo, 2011
Superman suit, wool
Part of: El culto al cargo
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Insula – SHOWstudio Fashion Film Awards
Jon Jacobsen
Directed and edited by Jon Jacobsen.
This project was created in a long-distance collaboration with colombian designer Daniel Ramos Obregón.
Concept: Jon Jacobsen and Daniel Ramos Obregón, Model: José Tomás Torres, Thanks to: César Cisternas, Music by Fakuta
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