Mall girl by Misha Kahn

Exhibition  /  17 Jun 2015  -  20 Jun 2015
Published: 09.06.2015
Mall girl by Misha Kahn.
Pop Up Gallery
Eileen David

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Gallery Loupe is pleased to present Mall Girl - a fanciful jewelry installation by artist Misha Kahn. This multiform exhibition of necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings, installed on coordinated displays designed by Kahn, will be presented at a Pop-Up Gallery at 2 Rivington Street, New York City, transformed, for the occasion, into a dystopian wonderland of ironic enchantment. For, after all, what is a mall?

Artist list

Misha Kahn
The equilibrium between passion and flippancy is Kahn's self-proclaimed agenda. Whether expressed through performance, installation, furniture, domestic objects, personal accessories, or jewelry, his works exude an irreverent goofiness that not only makes us smile but encourages re-evaluation of our native vernacular, while taking us on a joyous but satirical journey along the scenic roots of American popular culture. Inspired by American icons like roadside attractions, national landmarks, cowboys and Indians, hell-bent bikers, and kitschy malls, this captivating young maker mixes his own special blend of the everyday with the eccentric, often resulting in imagery that evokes cartoons as well as Jeff Koons.

All of the works in Mall Girl are fabricated by Kahn using one of his unique processes. Some are achieved with opaque resin poured into colorfully painted vinyl "balloons" that have been cut into evocative silhouettes, sewn together, and then removed to reveal the alluring forms within; others are derived from serendipitous experimentation - a cornerstone of Kahn's practice. Large and loony, the jewelry is deceptively lightweight and easy to wear. Returned to their home bases, every combination is a complete sculptural statement; nonetheless, even the denuded platforms boast a fully resolved presence.
Misha Kahn. Necklace: Mall girl, 2015. Resin, automotive paint, rubber tubing, silver. Misha Kahn
Necklace: Mall girl, 2015
Resin, automotive paint, rubber tubing, silver
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Misha Kahn. Necklace: Sunburst, 2015. Resin, automotive paint, rubber tubing. Misha Kahn
Necklace: Sunburst, 2015
Resin, automotive paint, rubber tubing
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