Marianne Schliwinski: Beyond the wall of bookshelves

Exhibition  /  13 Sep 2013  -  10 Nov 2013
Published: 01.10.2013

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In the big showcase there will be a presentation of an Installation from Marianne Schliwinski. A number of "Stones" made from papier-maché in different sizes and shapes. You have the Impression of a broke dawn wall.
Nothing is, what it seems to be.

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Marianne Schliwinski
For Marianne Schliwinski "Stones" always had been a fascinating theme for interpretation. The first "stones" are from 1977/78, worked in silver, brass and copper. Begin the mid 80ies she made stones out from papier-mâché, putting them into a social/society context, wearable as brooches and necklaces.

The new installation "Beyond the wall of bookshelves" seems to show a wall, a broken wall. Nothing is in the order it was before, before what ever happened. The wall is broken down and the bookshelves? And the books? Are they independent? Do they have their own life? Do we need them? Do they need us?
What remains are questions and the knowledge, that nothing is what it seems to be.

Not to forget, the stones are made of papier-mâché.

Jürgen Eickhoff
Beyond the Wall of Bookshelves by Marianne Schliwinski
Jürgen Eickhoff
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