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Meet me there by Estela Sàez

Exhibition  /  01 Apr 2016  -  15 May 2016
Published: 30.03.2016
Estela Sàez Vilanova. Brooch: L' espera, 2012. Silver, oxidized silver. Estela Sàez Vilanova
Brooch: L' espera, 2012
Silver, oxidized silver
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I am fascinated by the sculptures, made with pink or smoked translucent stone. And from the metallics’, the patinas, almost pictorial, that relegates the material to stateless condition.

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Estela Sàez Vilanova
Estela Sàez makes sculptures that look like jewels, and not the opposite. She changes things that are also ideas from this maternal body that is her town, and then remakes them with an ability and
care that seem almost unhealthy. Her pieces are made from those same material and ideas' own crumbs, previously smashed, precisely in order to loose all references to things, any belonging to a specific material. I would personally define her art as atomized jewellery -almost tortured- that explains, first of all, a very distant place, and then the shape, that supports the idea of modernity linked to nomadism.
The objects proposed are stone or metal towns, primitives, distant, that hide fragile things in a constant process, fugitives. Her own way to make it happen is to say the least, peculiar, given the treatment she makes to the material, its proportions and the impossible reproducibility of each object.

She abuses the noble condition from materials such as gold and silver, and brings them closer to scrap iron or rusty wire. Although she uses expensive raw material, her work does not renounce to the postulates from the "povera" artist. That is at least fascinating. Her atomized filigrees, rusted or laminated do not renounce from the truly value of that nobility, and from their portable jewels function. I wait and wish that Estela never forgets that her work is an small tribute to a place and a land, her pieces can be worn in a body, her objects can be sustained with hands, but in the end, and that is her greatness, her jewels are universal. / Jordi Mitjà. Lladó, December 2012 - January 2013

Opening: Friday 1st April at 19:30h
The artist at the opening.
The artist at the opening

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Overview of the exhibition space.
Overview of the exhibition space

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View of the showcases.
View of the showcases

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