Meeting Point By Nikolay Sardamov at V&V Gallery

Exhibition  /  21 Sep 2023  -  15 Nov 2023
Published: 06.09.2023
Nikolay Sardamov. Ring: Ring, 2023. Blackened silver. Photo by Vencislava Vasileva. Nikolay Sardamov
Ring: Ring, 2023
Blackened silver

Photo by Vencislava Vasileva

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The points of intersection are an inexhaustible thematic inspiration in the work of Nikolay Sardamov.

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Nikolay Sardamov
His study of the possibilities for unexpected cross-pollination starts from Nikolay Sardamov's experiments with various materials, through the interconnecting points of the structures that make a jewel, until he reaches the final encounter between the wearer, the object of art and the observer. It's a meeting of surface, touch and unmediated seeing, a live triangular fusion, which was impossible while the world was on hold during the recent times of mandatory isolation.

The opening will be Thursday, 21st of September 2023, at 18h. Nikolay Sardamov and Prof. Dimitar Delchev's National Academy of Arts Sofia in Bulgaria) speech at 19h.
The exhibition is part of Vienna Gallery Walk Tour 1 Thursday, 21st of September 2023, at 17h.

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