Meeting Point by Nikolay Sardamov

Exhibition  /  27 Jan 2023  -  10 Feb 2023
Published: 23.01.2023
Nikolay Sardamov. Brooch: Intersection, 2020. Bronze, silver, pigment.. On-body view.
. Picture by Mihail Novakov.. Nikolay Sardamov
Brooch: Intersection, 2020
Bronze, silver, pigment.

On-body view.
Picture by Mihail Novakov.

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The points of intersection are an inexhaustible thematic inspiration in the work of Nikolay Sardamov. His study of the possibilities for unexpected cross-pollination starts from his experiments with various materials, through the interconnecting points of the structures that make a jewel until he reaches the final encounter between the wearer, the object of art and the observer.