Merging Memories by Karin Herwegh

Exhibition  /  14 May 2016  -  25 Jun 2016
Published: 06.05.2016

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In her work Karin Herwegh addresses aspects of life that seem to be vanishing: for instance, insight into and an understanding of how things function on a personal level.

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Karin Herwegh
At the same time she allows room for different perspectives. To achieve this she uses information on the Internet about all ages, cultures and places as a kind of personal archive.
She selects, styles, and abstracts found images, whereby they lose their specific meaning and context.
The design is guided by decisions taken in the process of making. The simplicity of a piece of wood as material and a knife as an implement ensure her independence from technology in the working process.
Opposite worlds complement one another and new connections surface in her works, in particular the necklaces that lend themselves to various ‘readings’.


Saturday 14 May, from 4 to 6 pm.