Mette Saabye at Collect

Exhibition  /  14 May 2010  -  17 May 2010
Published: 12.05.2010
Mette Saabye. Necklace: Below the snow..., 2010. Visible materials: gold, paper, paint, cotton. 19x10x2 cm. Copenhagen, March 12th 2010. Mette Saabye
Necklace: Below the snow..., 2010
Visible materials: gold, paper, paint, cotton
19x10x2 cm
Copenhagen, March 12th 2010
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(...) Each work refers to a special occasion. That's why there is a date on the sealings. Different found objects are covered up in different ways and sealed. The layers of textile, paint or lacquer are a metaphor of time that has pasted (...) New work based on the theme of Remembrance by Mette Saabye, represented by Galerie Louise Smit at Collect 2010.