Modern Fetishes

Exhibition  /  27 Sep 2008  -  19 Oct 2008
Published: 26.09.2008
Galleri Hnoss
Linda Marie Karlsson
Karin Seufert. Pendant: Untitled, 2008. Mixed media. Karin Seufert
Pendant: Untitled, 2008
Mixed media
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Is Nike your god? The German jewellery artist Karin Seufert is playing with the religious symbols of our time- the commercial logotypes.

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Karin Seufert
Galleri Hnoss is proud to present the German jewellery artist Karin Seufert. Seufert’s highly acclaimed work has attracted a lot of attention from the jewellery scene during the last few years and she has had exhibitions in for example New York, Tokyo and Berlin. Karin Seufert’s latest work is based on what she calls modern fetishes, referring to well-known logotypes for strong brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. These logotypes can be seen as ornaments on clothes, bags and shoes, but they also represent a way of life. The question Seufert asks is how aware consumers are of this. Do they buy the product for its logo, or has the brand got its status due to the quality of the product? Seufert compares these logotypes with religious symbols that also can be used without their original meanings. In the same way as a crucifix can be taken out of its religious context and be made into a fashion accessory Seufert has taken the logos out of theirs. She has copied the well-known silhouettes and transformed them into three dimensional jewelleries. In some cases to make the connection to the originals less obvious, the silhouettes have been slightly deformed and other objects have been added to the composition.

Seufert has kidnapped the logotypes and made them her own. But the question remains: who owns whom?
By selling these jewelleries the question gains significance: is it the actual jewellery or the brand that sells? 

Karin Seufert. Brooch: Untitled, 2006. Karin Seufert
Brooch: Untitled, 2006
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Karin Seufert. Brooch: n.T., 2008. PVC, artificial leather, onyx. Karin Seufert
Brooch: n.T., 2008
PVC, artificial leather, onyx
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Karin Seufert. Ring: Untitled, 2004. Silver, colorit. 2 x 3 cm. Karin Seufert
Ring: Untitled, 2004
Silver, colorit
2 x 3 cm
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