Monthrings – jewellery against the gravity of conditions

Exhibition  /  26 Jan 2007  -  05 May 2007
Published: 06.02.2007
Gitte Pielcke. Necklace: Blumenketten. Stiefm?tterchen, Fr?hlingsblumen, Vergissmeinnicht. Gitte, PielckeNecklace / neckpiece: BlumenkettenStiefmütterchen, Frühlingsblumen, Vergissmeinnicht. Gitte Pielcke
Necklace: Blumenketten
Stiefm?tterchen, Fr?hlingsblumen, Vergissmeinnicht

Gitte, Pielcke
Necklace / neckpiece: Blumenketten
Stiefmütterchen, Frühlingsblumen, Vergissmeinnicht

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Barbara Schmidt, jewellery designer from Munich and initiator of the project, invited 12 international designers to present him- or herself with a ring in the yearly published book.