Nature Morte

Exhibition  /  13 Mar 2015  -  15 Mar 2015
Published: 10.03.2015
Kunstgießerei München
Sylvia Katzwinkel

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Accumulating mainly natural materials of different origin, the two Finish artists arrange them in their own means as a recollection of inanimate object art.

Artist list

Kristi Paap, Ketli Tiitsar
Nature morte is the French term for still life, the depiction of inanimate natural and other 
objects. For centuries, this art form has offered artists the freedom to group the most 
disparate objects imaginable into compositions, allowing them to be more independent than they would be in working on commissioned portraits or landscapes. A similar trend can be found in modern jewellery: artists want to work free of dictates and precepts. The process 
of creating combinations of no longer living organic materials such as wood, cherry stones, 
and reflecting on and examining their properties, nature and cultural context, and turning 
them into jewellery is something that is driven purely by our experience.

Ketli Tiitsar and Kristi Paap met more than 20 years ago while studying at the Estonian 
Academy of Arts Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing. Since that time, they have 
both engaged in collaborations and had exhibitions independently of each other. They both 
live and work in Tallinn.