Nelli Tanner: Lost Days and Left-Over Longing

Exhibition  /  03 Mar 2012  -  07 Apr 2012
Published: 29.02.2012
Nelli Tanner. Pendant: Empty I, 2012. Juniper, silver, cotton. 54,5 x 16,3 x 0,9 cm. Nelli Tanner
Pendant: Empty I, 2012
Juniper, silver, cotton
54,5 x 16,3 x 0,9 cm
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(...) Numerous utensils that once kept daily life going, have disappeared; worn out, gone to pieces, turned obsolete, they are objects that are suitable for keeping in your hand, meant to be used and willful enough to make an artistic statement. In this way artists enrich our world: continuously they reinvent beauty.  (...)