Never After by Pilvi Tammoja

Exhibition  /  05 Apr 2024  -  04 May 2024
Published: 16.04.2024

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A shirt from a lover
A gift from a friend
A few stitches from an other
A path without an end …
Decaeon has come to stay.

"Never again!" she swore as she disappeared into the waves.

Artist list

Pilvi Tammoja
Never After - an installation about an endless winter.
The exhibition consists of jewelry and objects inspired by decorative techniques from the Mediterranean. Rich colors and the decadent charm of the abundance of material reflect the desire for eternal life: suffocating and charming at the same time, like the bittersweet love from fairy tales …as much a balm as a poison.
In these works, curses and eternal love are intertwined, sharing a glimpse into a drowning world where memories of better days are all there is.

/ Pilvi Tammoja

Pilvi Tammoja (1991) is an interdisciplinary artist holding both a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and a Master's degree in Jewelry Art (with honors) from the Estonian Academy of Arts. At the core of Tammoja's opulent installations are meticulously crafted and detailed works. She employs a diverse array of materials, spanning from silk threads to cast iron, while her artistic themes evoke a hauntingly fairytale-like atmosphere. Tammoja has participated in exhibitions in several European countries, most recently with the exhibition "That Girl" at the Tartu Art House and HOP Gallery.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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