New play in art – the unexpected jewel

Exhibition  /  07 Sep 2008  -  05 Oct 2008
Published: 29.05.2008
Heller Foundation Garden

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(...) The garden will host an exhibition giving a comprehensive insight on the theme, with a selection of 30 goldsmiths exhibiting approximately 100 pieces. Entry deadline is 16th June 2008. (...)
The Andrè Heller Foundation, located in Gardone Riviera on Lake Garda, welcomes an ambitious project: an international exhibition of contemporary art jewellery set in the Botanic Garden owned by the Foundation:
an inspiring environment with its 3,000 species of plants, created in 1901 by Arturo Hruska, dentist of the tsars, the Savoia family and other important historical personalities and run by Andrè Heller, the poet/artist, since 1988.
The garden will host an exhibition giving a comprehensive insight on the theme, with a selection of 30 goldsmiths exhibiting approximately 100 pieces. In this way, research jewellery links itself to a place already destined for its nature to be visited with delight and where you can enjoy the sight of sculptures and works of renown artists. The exhibition will be plunged into a stimulating and nourishing atmosphere, fit to the unexpected and naïve idea of the experimental jewel. 

Organizers: AGC, Associazione Gioiello Contemporaneo

The entry deadline is 16th June 2008. Applicants should first send their names to

The application material must be sent no later than 16th June 2008.
You must submit between 5 to 8 high resolution digital images of work relative to the last two years, a brief description of the concept of your production and an up-dated CV. All texts submitted must be in English and in both English and Italian for Italian applicants.

Specific requirements:
Resolution: 300 dpi (minimum)
Format: Tif or jpg
Size: minimum side dimension = 15cm
Captions: year of production, materials, title
Texts should be submitted as doc (Word) documents

-The material must be sent by post to Dott. Ellen Maurer Zilioli, via Trieste 42b, I-25121 Brescia, who will select the contestants.
You should enclose your full name and surname, telephone number, fax, e-mail address, website address, place and date of birth.

-The main selection criteria will be quality, innovation and artistic research.

-Material sent for the selection will not be returned, but stored by agc.

-agc reserves the right to use the images/texts provided for promotional purposes of both the event and the contestants taking part and to publish the information with any means deemed necessary or appropriate.

-Applicants will be notified of the selection results by 30th June 2008.
On that date they will be informed about entry conditions, number of exhibits, forwarding date, etc.

The selected contestants will be required to pay a fee of Euro 150,00 to agc by 31st July as a contribution to the catalogue and organization expenses.

Money transfer to be made out to agc, at UNICREDIT BANCA, agenzia di Cremona, piazza Roma.
Banking Coordinates:
Country: IT
ABI: 02008
CAB : 11400
C/C-IBAN: 000040371440
Description: application for the exhibition “New play in art”